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    Game-changer: How the Euro 2020 Group Stages Have Made History

    This Week in Gambling

    16d Even before the Euro 2020 tournament moved on to the knockout stages, footballing records were being made and broken in the group stages. It’s been an iconic and unpredictable tournament, keeping fans, pundits, and odds-makers on their toes. Seeing the action in live-time is one thing, but noting on paper the significance of the stats is another. For instance, there were an impressive 94 goals scored in the group stages games, and the fastest player to score was Sweden
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    Euro 2020: Germany survive Group of Death drama, France hold Portugal and Spain rout Slovakia!

    Total Soccer Show: USMNT, Champions League, EPL, and more ...

    30d Euro 2020 Day 13! The Group Stage is done so it's time to have some fun with Ryan, Taylor, Joe and Graham! The TSS crew take a look at the dramatic denouement to the Group of Death—where Germany came precariously close to making an early exit—and the conclusion of Group E, where Spain finally turned it on and Robert Lewandowski couldn't carry Poland through. Sponsors! Heineken! With a busy summer of soccer underway, stay refreshed with the crisp taste of Heineken!
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    Sports Rating Algorithm Predicts UEFA EURO 2020 Group Results

    Quintessa Limited - Latest News

    44d Quintessa mathematicians and scientists enjoy analysing numbers. As part of an internally-funded project, Simon Rookyard has developed an algorithm for sports team rating and result prediction. It will be put through its paces during the up